Thursday, June 5, 2008

To Do List

1. My computer at home died. MAC says I need a new internal hard drive; they can do it, but I can do it cheaper elsewhere. After spending half my morning trying to figure out where to go and what to tell them when I got there, I decided it’s worth the extra cash just to go back to MAC and have them do it. I just don’t know enough about computers to talk my way through anywhere else. More money = less stress.

2. I have to make an appointment for Molly. Molly is one of my two dogs. In addition to me requiring shots to keep myself alive, Molly also needs shots. She has Addison’s disease and needs one shot a month. The vet is nice enough to give us supplies to shoot her up for two months in a row, then on the third month we go back to him for a check-up and more supplies. Next weekend she’s due to see the puppy doc.

3. Two of my prescriptions are almost out. My generic Synthroid for my Grave’s disease, and my Lipitor for my cholesterol. My thyroid was radiated about six months after my diabetes dx, thus, my daily need for synthetic replacement. My cholesterol is within range for a normal person, but leaning toward high for a diabetic. My endo is being proactive (though not proactive enough to find me a substitute for Lipitor that my health insurance will cover).

4. I’ve got one more assignment due to meet my final deadline of tomorrow. This is work-related, but it falls in my “pressing” category, as well as my “I don’t really feel like doing this” category.

5. Win the lottery, hire a personal assistant to take care of all this crap (and about a million other things I won’t bore the general population with), retire to a beautiful island and take regular long trips to my other three residences in various countries. Oh, and hire a team of scientists to solely work on figuring out how to cure diabetes.

As always, more to come (if I can get through all the other minutiae)…

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