Wednesday, June 4, 2008


What my meter might read later on, because at lunch today, I ate, ate, ate.

It’s gloomy outside—there’s so much fog I can’t see out my window. It’s gloomy inside—everyone is stressing over a major deadline and things are crazy. It’s gloomy in my head—I have allergies and I feel like there’s just as much fog inside as out. It’s gloomy in my emotions—I just feel ‘blah’ today, like the world is out to get me or like it doesn’t even care.

I’m a comfort eater. I used to be a comfort shopper until I discovered a cookie was cheaper than a new pair of shoes. Now I’m trying to convince myself that exercise should be my new comfort, but today I failed. Instead of eating my salad and Wheat Thins and taking a walk, I took myself out for lunch. I had a sandwich, chips and a couple of mini cookies.

I won’t actually be 888, obviously, but I’m guessing that salad (no carb) will be all I get for dinner.

As always, more to come…

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