Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ever Notice...

How a stuffed-up head can feel a lot like low blood sugar?

When you’re the hungriest you’ve ever been, your sugar is the highest it’s ever been, and you’re stuck eating eggs…again?

Your meter lies to you? Says you’re 94 when you KNOW you’ve got to be 70 at the highest?

That you can delay that high number by a few seconds by covering up the screen with your finger? Then revealing the first number (a 1! Yay!), the last number (5—could mean anything) and holding your breath before you reveal the middle number, the power number (1! Yippee! 4. Crap. Anything higher I numb my brain to.)

How, even though you swore you’d never need Algebra, Geometry or Trigonometry after high school, because you were going to be an English major and do artsy things for a living, numbers play such a big part in your life?

When you have a fever, your sugars go up; you exercise to bring them down, so you can eat, but drain your body of the energy it needs to heal? Vicious circle.

How people who know you have diabetes and who see you check your blood, try to ignore it when your arm is bleeding and there’s a beeping meter on your desk (mostly happens at work)? I don’t necessarily want to share my personal numbers with them, but it’s a little creepy—like avoiding the huge elephant with the nosebleed in the room.

How when it’s time for bed, you’re exhausted and all you want is your pillow, that when you do one last blood check, the meter says 83? I hate force-feeding at 10pm when I’m half asleep.

A specific pattern on the arm of a Freestyle meter user? I’ve decided I’m going to try to create a perfect spiral…

How hard it is to keep a big number from crushing your day, when you thought you were so on the money?

That walking on the grass barefoot in the park doesn’t seem like a luxury, but actually is?

As always, more to come…

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