Tuesday, June 2, 2009

& Stuff

Related to diabetes in absolutely no way, but random information to update the universe (because you know you love me, xoxo) on life in my delicate little volatile and amusing-to-me world. (This is the & Stuff portion of my blog title.)...

*I’m on Twitter, but I’m only using it to stalk 58 celebrities. I don’t actually Tweet myself and I’m not sure I ever will. If you’re following anyone you love, let me know. Some of my faves: Ethan Suplee, Rainn Wilson, Mindy Kaling, Shaq, Chelsea Handler, Michael Ausiello, Dave Navarro, Kevin Pollak, Nathan Fillion, Kevin Smith and Paul Feig. Oh, and Shaun White, because I have an inappropriate (he’s too young, I’m too married) obsessive crush on him.

*I planted. I live in a house in the city and I have a small backyard. My front yard looks like hell because I completely ignore the three-foot wide space, but my backyard is my tiny paradise. I have a deck, a pergola, a pond. I also have a massive flower/rock bed and a bunch of pots all over the deck. Memorial Day weekend was spent planting, and this makes me very happy. (It’s a bumper-crop of lilies I’m expecting this summer. Bumper.)

*I love my dentist. Yeah, yeah, yeah—he’s nice, he’s good. But get this. During Part One of Phase 2 of my Mouth Renovation (long story), I sat in the chair to discover they’ve added super-cushy padding. And when I leaned back, I see that they’ve installed televisions on the ceiling. So I can watch TV while I’m in the chair getting the drill. He’s worth every penny.

*Speaking of television… I watch a lot. I’m not ashamed to admit this. I like to be amused, entertained, brought to tears, coaxed into laughter. I love Lost. This year, I Tivo’d every episode and waited until this past weekend to watch them all at the same time. Awesome. (Disclaimer: Yes, I read books, too.)

*I am currently in deep like with avocadoes. When ordering anything from anywhere, I used to always choose the dish with mushrooms. Now I choose the one with avocado. (See “amusing-to-me” line above.)

I could go on, but really, I think that glimpse is probably good enough to satisfy many a fine folk for now. I do like the “& Stuff” heading. Must remember to use again when feeling non-creative or punny.

As always, more to come…


CALpumper said...

Rock on. Good stuff for sure!!!

Cake Wrecks -- Woot woot! ;-)

Good to see a post from you.
You've been busy. Any pics of your piece of paradise???

You so funny.

CALpumper said...

We both playin' catch up in the comments!!! hee hee.

You rock girl.

And yeah, salads all the time would be Awesome. Depends on bank account then timing -- er, do I want to Make the time. ;-)

And thanks much for the short and sweet "I love." You awesome.

Colleen said...

Pics - would love to see them.

Prescriptions - my PCP often forgets to do the "brand necessary" thing on my Synthroid, so I've told her I check it and sign her name - she's promised to do better.

Enjoyed your "catch up posts!"

We'll have to compare our Novolog experiences.

k2 said...

I seriously think we share the same brain - expect for"LOST," which I have no interest in!
I was a huge fan of the American version of "Life On Mars"& laughed and cried during every episode! The water works were insane during the last episode & I still haven't sufficiently recovered!
Rock On~

Jim said...

You said:
"I am currently in deep like with avocadoes. When ordering anything from anywhere, I used to always choose the dish with mushrooms. Now I choose the one with avocado."

Me, too. Avocados are awesome!