Monday, June 15, 2009

1, 1 Calorie For Lora

Wah, ha, ha, ha! (Sesame Street? The Count? Maybe it’s just me…)

Anyway, I found a place online where I can track what I’m eating. I enter my food item, see if it’s already in their database, and add it to my daily journal under breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. If it’s not in the database, I key in the basic nutritional stuff myself, then add it.

The journal keeps track of calories, fat, protein, this, that—and oh, yeah, carbs. I’ll admit I started the food journal as a way to check my calorie intake (this is me, perpetually trying to lost the 10 lbs. gained when the thyroid went). I thought maybe if I could see what I was eating, I’d know where my weaknesses lie and when. I quickly realized, however, I was going to be paying more attention to the carb portion of the journal.

While on the Lantus, I carb-counted in units of 15. Since I wasn’t using any fast-acting insulin, a general rounding up or down of the numbers was sufficient. Now that I’m bolusing for each 15 grams, though, those extra carbs here and there add up a little more. They mean something.

So I’m filling out my food journal before I’m actually eating. Then I’m taking the carb total and dividing by 15 to get a more precise measurement of how much Novolog to take. It’s working well, I must say.

I’ve even keyed in my own food item titled “bolus” and I write down how many units I’ve taken to cover the meal. If I’ve gone higher than I thought I would after eating, I make a note to pump up the insulin power when I eat that item again.

I’ve never done a food journal online and figured I’d last two days tops, but I’m in my second week and I seem to be sticking with it so far. It’s pretty easy to bookmark it and call it up fairly quickly at work and home.

It’s also interesting to see that I thought I wasn’t getting enough protein, but I’m actually eating enough and even more than enough each day. Also, there’s a place where you can put in your “activities,” any sort of exercise, and it will calculate how many calories you’ve burned. It’s a bit of a motivator when that space is empty to move from my chair to the stationary bike while watching television, if only for a half hour.

And hey, if I lose some weight in the process, all the better for me.

As always, more to come…


Scott K. Johnson said...

Sounds like it is working very well for you! Way to go!

CALpumper said...

Good for you Lora!

The Count, ha ha! Nice.

I say, if it works, work it.

And thank you Tons for your comment today. I live to just "be." I strive for it everyday. I try my hardest.

Hooray for what works. ;-)

Tim said...

May I ask where this online journal is? Or is it secret? ;-)

Lora said...

I'm using

but there are a ton of freebie food journals online. I just stumbled upon this one first!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and wanted to drop by and give you the "lovely blog award" for one of my newly discovered blogs that I read! Please visit my place to pick up your award!

Lora said...

Thank you, Sherlock!
I'm honored!

Karen said...

I'm doing the same thing - on After having too much trouble squeezing into our clothes, my hubby and I are over-hauling what we eat and are determined to lose some weight. What really surprised me was how much fat I was eating, in an attempt to control my carbs. Snacking on cheese and nuts has sure taken it's toll. I'm doing MUCH smaller portions now!