Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Resonance Of A Dream

I went to bed last night with a splitting headache. I checked my blood sugar before I lay me down to sleep and it was a little on the high side, which I attributed to the splitting headache. I quickly wondered if the headache went away while I slept, would I drop? I quickly answered no, I was high enough that it shouldn’t make a startling difference.

I drifted off to sleep. To sleep, perchance to dream. Vivid snapshots swirled through my mind like classical music notes in a cartoon; I was scared, I was worried, I was full of sorrow, I was elated, I was in another world far, far away. I woke up all at once, sitting straight up before I was even out from under the dream. I was thinking, “this is it,” as I knew the reality of my mind had crashed over into another realm and I was forever lost. After minutes of seconds, I came to, fully bathed in sweat.

I reached behind me and turned on the lamp, damning courtesy all to hell (the husband would have to sleep through it or get woken up; he had no choice). I pulled out my meter and my lancet. He awoke and asked if I was okay. I looked at him, hoping the sweat running down my face would give him the answer. The meter beeped: 133. Perfectly fine. “133” I said out loud and turned off the light, heading back under the covers.

Sometimes, a dream is just a dream, and it rocks you to the very core. Sometimes a dream is not diabetes.

As always, more to come…


Tim said...

A post is always improved with a quotation from Hamlet - nice one! :-)

k2 said...

It's comforting to know that even the craziest things in our life/and dreams are not drelated!
Next time though, dream a little dream of Johnny Depp!
Kelly k

Jonah said...

You know what, that's never happened to me. All of my dreams that have resulted in being very sweaty all over have been because of hypoglycemia, at least in the last three years.
Hmm. I wonder if it's a different kind of sweaty or if you really can get the same sort of awful wake up sweaty feeling from a dream.
Have you in the past experienced a hypo that woke you up bathed in sweat?

Lora said...

The world can always be improved when a little Shakespeare is thrown in now and then--and Johnny, too.

Jonah: I've never woken up with a nighttime hypo, but the ones I've had during the day are never accompanied by sweat. However, I do wake up drenched from dreams several times a year. Not that I'm asking for a nighttime hypo, but I, too, wonder if it will be the same shaken-to-the-core and sweat-filled moment as my dreams...