Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm Blooming!

I walked out the back door yesterday morning to see my lillies had started blooming. Photos? Here you go—a little slice of my backyard...

The lillies. The orange ones always seems to bloom first, and they also seem to be the most frisky. They reproduce like bunnies in heat.

One of the two hanging baskets I have floating down from my pergola. The pagoda windchime I bought in Tokyo. It makes me smile.

One of my favorite flowers that I planet every year—alyssum. I paired it in this pot on my deck with a carnation plant.

Frilly pink flowers that come back every year but I can't rember the name of, and cosmos, which I love weaving through the lillies. Oh, and my rusty copper solar light. I like the rustic look (and I'm not buying any new ones, so the rustic look will have to do).

Promises to come. The lillies that are still in hiding and have not bloomed yet. I'm hoping one of them is one of the tiger lillies that randomly decide to or not to come out each year.

As always, more to come (but not necessarily in floral form)...


CALpumper said...

Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!
When can I come visit your sanctuary????? ;-)

LOVE lilies! My all time fav. What a great garden Lora. Love it love it!

And thank you So much for your comment. He was such a great person, great heart, great humor. Good all around.

Definite pics of the tiger lily when it appears please? ;-) Thx.

wv: lonalog

Ok I am so pushing it here but I've been waitin' lonalog time for these pics.

hee hee

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Beautiful :). I'm hoping to start a porch garden once we're settled into the new house. What's in the hanging basket?

Lora said...

Yo, Cal. Stop by any time. I'll throw some shrimp on the barbie! Don't wait to lonalog...

CT: I wish I could remember the official name, but I see them everywhere. Usually when I get a basket, I just pick out the one with the biggest bunch of flowers. My other basket is the same flowers, only purple. Good luck on your new garden!