Friday, September 12, 2008

So Far, So Good

I got my new lancing device, the Accu-Chek Multiclix on Wednesday. It was delivered to work and I immediately opened the box. And immediately determined I was actually going to have to read the directions to figure out how to work it. I didn’t think I could get away with sitting at my desk experimenting for 15 minutes when I was on deadline, so I impatiently tucked it aside until I got home that night.

Once I figured out how everything worked, I decided that I like it. It’s a little more complicated than the crappy little lancing device that came with my FreeStyle meter, but then again, that’s why it probably works better—it was designed as its own mechanism, as opposed to an “aside accessory” to throw in with my meter so they can charge more for a complete “kit.” (Wow. That’s a lot of quote marks. Good thing we’re not having an actual conversation, or I’d look like that girl from Say Anything. I digress. Did I mention I have a fever and took a sick day yesterday?)

I am still figuring out the whole depth thing to get the right amount of blood, but I’m only about a drum of six lancets away from perfecting the process. I also, on a not-completely-safe note, will say that I think this will be much easier to use when I’m testing as I’m driving. It was kind of a pain to pull off the lancing device cap, insert a lancet, pull off the lancet cap and put it in my mouth so I could put it back on later, put the lancing device cap back on, pull the plunger back and press the button, all while holding on to the steering wheel and rudely gesturing to bike riders who keep cutting me off (Digress. Fever.).

One of my biggest surprises: how quiet it is. It doesn’t make nearly as loud a sound as the old lancing device did. It’s like getting a new high-tech dishwasher or washing machine with the “quieter action” option. (More quotes. It’s a “quote” “fever.”) I also really like that there’s six lancets already in there for me. In my fever-induced, ragingly high sugar situation, I’m testing quite a bit more often and it’s been a lot easier not to keep having to plug lancets into place. Also, on another digression but amusing/horrific note, my dog has been known to try and steal my used lancets from where they pile up on the countertop by the end of the day and that’s just wrong. I think the drum thing will help that—still a lot of test strips that wind up in weird places, but less actual lancets.

And now, in fear of another digression, I sign off.

As “always,” “more” to come “…”

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