Thursday, September 4, 2008

Honeymoon’s Over—Again

My sugars were low. Were being the key word.

I’ve been on some sort of honeymoon with my numbers and I’ve been taking full advantage of it. So when I ate two slabs of fresh, crusty bread toasted and smeared with Neufchatel for breakfast, then showed up 77 barely three hours later, I figured I was still in the clear.

It’s very, very gloomy and rainy outside today; the temperature has barely cracked 65. So I did what any normal, red-blooded (and I definitely know it’s red) girl would do: I ate a toasted cheese sandwich. With french fries. And then I had a piece of cheesecake (How could I resist? They combined a cheesecake with a carrot cake. Two of my favorites in one delicious, rich, fattening, carb-loaded piece of sin.)

I just stabbed my arm and four hours later: 148.

I’d say my mini-honeymoon is definitely over. And I’d say that my dinner tonight is going to be cheese, cheese and more cheese.

As always, more to come (well, not so much more as less in the carb department)…

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Daniel Lima said...

Hey Lora,

congratulations with your very fancy, informative and entertaining blog!

I read it with pleasure.

I'm a "diabete" my self, also type 1, currently in a honeymoon so far lasting for 2 weeks, after I was diagnosed 22nd of september 2008.
I hope my honeymoon will last much longer; far more easy to cope with DM. I studied the internet and most articles say one should keep on taking insuline and not completely stop, in order to prolongue the honeymoon. Is this true? Cause right now i stopped with all rapid working insuline, i just take "lantus" long but low working insuline 1x per day....i was eating a lot and still hitting 2,5, 2,8 after every NovoRapid shot....
Well. I guess we'll see what will happen....
Keep up the good work!

Greetings from Daniel Lima,
Eindhoven, Netherlands.