Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2 Good 2 B True

My numbers have been good lately. Really good. Scarily good. So good that I’m beginning to wonder if my meter is broken.

It was a holiday weekend and although I kept a rough sort of carb count, I by no means was the perfect eater. I barbecued. I drank wine. I ate homemade chocolate chip cookies. I even had pancakes for breakfast.

My numbers before bed are usually the rough ones; I usually go no-carb or one-carb for dinner and I’m still in the 135 range more often than I’d like. The last five or six days: 110, 115. And when I wake up: 83, 85. And the rest of the day fills in somewhere between that.

Maybe I’m experiencing another honeymoon period. Maybe vacuuming my whole house burns more carbs than I thought. Maybe reading burns carbs (I went to the library this weekend and tore through two books in two afternoons). Maybe my meter is broken.

That’s a lot of maybes, but I think I’m just going to add one more: Maybe I’ll take those really good numbers and go with it.

As always, more to come…

1 comment:

k2 said...

Take the good and run with it!
Diabetes is never the same disease 2 days in a row, so embrace your fabulous numbers and bask in all their glory!