Friday, September 5, 2008

Bruised And Boycotting

I’ve written before how much I hate my lancing device. It’s the mini one that comes with the Freestyle mini meters. I don’t like the mini one, but my big one had gone astray so I’ve been using the cheap little one. I got some great advice (thank you Diabetic OC!) about changing the type of lancets I was using to gentler ones, and that seemed to work for a little while.

But now I think my lancing device has a rebellious streak, or more accurately, a hostile attitude, and I’m convinced a spring has wound itself too tightly or the trigger is too trigger-happy and I’m back to hating the whole set-up.

I test on my arms for regular testing. I can normally test on my left arm (I’m right-handed) until the cows come home, with little fanfare other than some permanent red dots and a constant, slightly red, dry patch. Right now, however, each arm is covered in dime-size bruises and red welts. That’s right, both arms. I even tried switching back and forth but all it did was make both arms angry. And, as every diabetic knows, it’s hurts—a lot—to stick a needle (from a lancet or a syringe) into a bruise. Don’t even get me started on what happens if I test on a finger or my palm…

So today, I was ordering new test strips online and I said, “Enough!” and I ordered a new lancing device. I’ve previously done a little homework on the World Wide Web and at Target, checking out what’s there and what I think might work, and I went with an Accu-Chek Multiclix lancing device and that drum thingy that you use with the lancets inside. I’ve only seen one online and through the plastic packaging at the store, so I have no idea if I’ll like it or not, but seriously—can it be worse than what I’ve got now? If it’s even 5% better, I’ll be a happy camper. (But just to be on the safe side, I only ordered two boxes of lancet drums instead of my usual bulk six-month supply…).

Now I just have to wait until sometime next week when my box arrives via UPS Ground (it’s free that way). I can’t believe I’m excited about getting a new lancing device. (This is what my life has come to as a diabetic; I think I’m more excited about this than when I’m expecting new shoes from Zappos.)

As always, more to come (and I hope it comes quickly!)…


Sara said...

I love my MultiClix. I think it will be more than a 5% improvement for you! :)

k2 said...

Seriously, I just go for it and get it over with!

..M.. said...

I'd much rather tell you that there's a totally painless, quick & easy way to get the blood out - but second best is definitely the Multi-clix. Mine is a little over a year old now and still going strong. Still better than the others, even with a dull lancet (I do have a tendency to use them wayyyy too often).
Let us know what you think - I hope you'll be as pleased as I was!