Thursday, July 17, 2008

Random Thoughts

My mind is being a bit flibberty-jibbity—I can't seem to stay focused on one particular topic (could be my work assignment today, which requires piecemeal thinking). Thus, therefore, so, hence, I'm just going to write ten of the thousands of random thoughts that keep floating in and out of my conscious and subconscious brain...

1. What do I buy a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old I barely know for a birthday present? The things I do to remain a member of polite society.

2. The Vodka Theory. More on this after I've had a chance to corroborate my studies. But the title is already in place and keeps weaving through my thought patterns. The Vodka Theory. It just sounds cool. (Okay, maybe I should step away from the James Bond novels...)

3. Insulin is expensive. Duh. I know this, but my insurance has been making it dirt cheap. I get three bottles at a time (a three-month supply), and the pharmacy often screws up and charges me one co-pay instead of three (I'm going to hell; I don't correct them). Which means that I've been getting each bottle of insulin for $3.33
(Lora can do math). Due to a glitch in my insurance, I had to pay the full price the other day: $270 for the three bottles. Ouch. Luckily, the insurance company is supposed to reimburse me. (Don't even get me started on the cost of the other prescriptions I picked up that day. One credit card actually denied the transaction because they thought it was stolen with such a large purchase...)

4. My feet hurt. I'm wearing very cool, very pretty purple shoes with straps going across the toes. It's only the second time I'm wearing them, though, so they're not fully broken in. It's not actually my feet that hurt so much as my big toes. Need to streeetch that strap.

5. "Oh, sure. I please me. Don't nobody love me more than me." --50 Cent. I won't go into exactly what he was referring to, but if you take the quote out of context, it's perfectly benign and quite sage.

6. Sometimes I look in the mirror, shrug my shoulders and say, "Eh. I'm going to be 40. What can I do?" But then I read which celebrities are going to be 40 this year, and I say, "You know what? Not so bad."

7. It's hot outside today. "Like Africa hot." (Anybody see Biloxi Blues?)

8. Okay, maybe I'll just stop at 8. That's a nice, round number. Journalistically pleasing to read. And, also, as well as, in addition, the rest of the thoughts running through my mind will either certify me as crazy, annoy the hell out of particular people, expose tightly kept secrets or drive me insane by adding credence to their existence. And, of course, ruin my standing as a polite member of society.

As always, more to come...

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