Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Diabetes Freeze

I'm basically an organized person. If there's any chaos in my life, it's usually controlled to some degree, or chaotic because it's better for me that way. However, there are certain chores in my life that sometimes fall by the wayside—I'd like to say accidentally, but I'm beginning to think it's a subconscious thing.

I have a lot of prescriptions. I've managed to get most of them to the point where they only have to be filled every three months, but I have some that are monthly. I've also recently had a few doctor switches—same medication but with a new doctor and a new refill number—which means my refills are coming at different times.

As for my testing supplies (lancets, test strips and alcohol swabs), I order these online; much, much cheaper. I try to time it so I only have to order every few months.

So, I know I've been running out of strips for about two weeks now. I was hoping I still had that spare bottle in my nighttime kit under my bed that I could use if necessary, but I wasn't sure. This morning, with only three test strips left, I finally walked up the stairs and checked. By the luck of the strip gods, it was there. Because I still haven't ordered any more.

I know they need to be ordered, I know they take about a week to get here (I'm cheap and won't pay for express shipping), I know that if I have to buy them at the regular drugstore, each bottle will cost almost double what I'll pay online. But still. Yet. However. I made absolutely no move this weekend or over the past two days to log onto the site, click one "reorder" button and have it done with.

I also have to call the pharmacy and have about four prescriptions refilled. I'll be cutting it close, but I won't have any emergencies—especially if I get my butt in gear and actually call in the next day or two.

I know this has to be done. I know I have to call in refills and pick up prescriptions, that I have to order new supplies. So why do I procrastinate? Why do I, at least 25 percent of the time, let it go until the 11th hour? I used to think I was just busy. Now I'm beginning to think it's some sort of subconcious mental block. But just because I don't have a pill to take or a strip to test with doesn't mean the diabetes freezes. It just means I'm going to drive myself crazy hoping the mail delivers everything faster and racing to the pharmacy to get there before it closes. Because in the end, I always get what I need to have.

As always, more to come...

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Cody Turner said...

I know what you mean. I always wait until the last minute to change my infusion set. I know I have to do it but it is like I don't want to do it. Thankfully all my supplies are on automatic reorder so I just have to sign a paper and mail it back.