Friday, November 13, 2009

Well, Okay Then

Apparently, my body likes stress.

Because while I’ve had a lot of stress lately, my numbers have been good. Really good. Like bordering on awesome. There have been days when I’ve wondered if my meter was broken because every time I’ve tested, the number has come up at 110.

I’ve been eating badly because when I’m stressed, I want comfort food (Pop Tarts, mashed potatoes, hamburgers, beer cheese dip). I’ve forgotten to bolus until the end of my meal. I’ve haphazardly calculated numbers I know probably aren’t right, but I don’t have the energy or time to multiply in my head.

I’ve stopped my exercise routine because sleeping that extra 20 minutes in the morning, or going in to work 20 minutes early has been the only way to survive.

And still. Numbers good.

All I can think is that while I know stress can affect my numbers on occasion, this isn’t one of those occasions. This kind of stress—mostly work-related with a few odds and ends thrown in for good measure—seems to work with my body.

While this is a good thing on the surface, I find it a little scary and a little sad that I so regularly have this much stress going on, my body just absorbs it. My body operates better when stressed. (My mind, however, is another matter…)

Anyway. In an ironic twist, I decided this weekend (prompted by a get-together coming up in December for which I do not want to be 10 pounds heavier from beer cheese dip) that I needed to get back on the straight and narrow. That it was just as easy to consume a V8 and a Nutrigrain bar in the morning as it was to inhale a Diet Dr. Pepper and a Pop Tart.

I’m eating better as of Monday and even started exercising again as of yesterday. And wouldn’t you know it? My meter is NOT broken. I hit a 135 today. A little on the high side for me given the circumstances. Must be my stress levels starting to taper off. Less stress, higher numbers.

As always, more to come…


Anonymous said...

Those meter readings really get to me sometimes. They'll be high or low for no apparent reason. Sometimes it's high when I think it should be low and then the opposite happens. When I get a surprise reading, I usually check again with my back up meter. Sometimes there's just no figuring out why the numbers are high or low.

Good luck with eating better and exercise. I need to do the same!

Crystal said...

I despise stress. Sometimes I run low, sometimes high. It can't make up it's mind. Frustrating.

Here's to getting back on the band-wagon and keeping good numbers!!

k2 said...

Stress is a crazy beast, just like diabetes.
Maybe your pancreas was busting out it's last bit of insulin and the "honeymoon phase" is officially over.
Maybe it has to do with being a chick and your other hormones were acting all types of silly.
Or maybe jupiter was in mars?
Whatever, give thanks that your numbers behaved and remember, 135 is nothing to sneeze at!
As far as the exercising- GOOD FOR YOU.
Now, lets get down to the real business. What the hell is Beer Cheese Dip and where can I get me some of that deliciousness?!

phonelady said...

well apparently my bgs dont like when Im stressed cause they go all over the place . saying Yuck . LOL !!!