Monday, September 14, 2009

I Don’t Feel 98

And, no, I’m not talking about my age (because sometimes I do feel like I’m almost a 100 years old…I digress).

I’m incredibly irritated right now—by the last e-mail someone sent me, by the magazines that are too close to my arm right now, by the marker that’s in front of the keyboard, by the fact that I keep having to delete typos and start over, by my palm, which stings from where I just tested it, convinced it was going to show me I’m dive-bombing into the 70s and below.

But I’m 98. And 15 minutes ago, I was 101, and an hour before that I was 120. So I’m not rapidly descending as far as I know.

But my head has that fuzzy halo. And I’m as cranky as Mr. Wilson. So my logical conclusion is that my meter is wrong, wrong, wrong. That my body is wrong, wrong, wrong. That the numbers aren’t computing to what’s actually happening.

And I have no choice but to break out the Wee Brie and crackers and have at it.

You have to play diabetes by the numbers, but sometimes you have to play by the instinct, too. Or the crankiness factor.

As always, more to come…


k2 said...

I hate when that happens!
Yes, D is a numbers game, but I say trust your gut on this one!
Kelly K

phonelady said...

I absoloutly agree . Regardless of what that meter says I usually test three more times , I dont care about the strips but i test and test more when I feel bad and yeah I hit the food and juice too . dont you dare feel bad about that , I dont feel bad about hitting the food when I need it . I hope you feel better soon and yes we have all been in that fog before .

saramy said...

Good for you - Listening to your body! Gotta do it! The crankiness factor is a real tell for me! High is one type of cranky and low is another type. And remember all the recent stink about how the home BS testing devices can be so far off? And to think we rely on them to guide us in dosing, both for food and for insulin. Scary! How did the FDA approve of that system anyway?