Thursday, September 17, 2009

Diabetes Shots

Massively worded, tiny-sized type, origami-folded instructions and disclaimers that come inside my Lantus and Novolog boxes. I’ve read each one once, the first time I took each form of insulin. Now I just think of them as padding, so my Lantus glass vials and my Novolog pens don’t roll around inside the box.


k2 said...


I'm impressed that you actually took the time to read the padding! I tried years ago and just found what was written to be way to tedious !

Kelly K

phonelady said...

I too am impressed in the fact that you actually read the "padding" as you put it . that is awesome girl . You rock .

ninnifur said...

haha that is all that it is! Padding! I too have never read it so kudos to you!!