Monday, September 21, 2009

Diabetes Shots

I’m using my old Lantus OptiClick pen case for my Novolog pens. The case is bulky (because that nasty OptiClick pen was bulky) and too big for what I need it for, but I just don’t seem to ever remember to look for a better version. There are two pens in there because I left my kit at work one night, and had to bust out a new pen at home. I’m hoping I can use up the insulin in both of them and not have to throw one away because it’s gone wonky.


CALpumper aka Crystal said...

I have yet to find a "case" I like for anything D related. Fun.

wv: resses
Yup. I Love resses. ;-)

phonelady said...

both of you two should check out . she has some awesome travel kits over there and they hold up really well . I love the jet setter bags but cannot afford them right now and doubt I will anytime soon . i do wish she would come down on her prices a little anyways check the site out . You might like it .

Colleen said...

I'm cheap. I bought a pencil case - you know, the kind you buy for school. It's plastic, pink (easy to find in my purse), washable. It holds my meter, strips, lancet, pen and some extra needles.