Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Old Switcheroo

Used to be, I had trouble with my numbers at night; I couldn't keep them down where I wanted them. During the day? Perfectly fine. Nary a rumble of disgruntlement.

But now. My diabetes is exercising its right to vary.

Nighttime numbers aren't the issue anymore. It's the 4pm high that's killing me. It's like my body all of a sudden has decided lunch, well, we don't really need that, do we? Or perhaps we should only eat one carb unit at a time, wait until the numbers level off, then move on to the next one?

Pfft. I'm hungry. I want to eat my sandwich, my applesauce and my animal crackers, all at the same time. And give myself one shot to cover all of it. One. Shot.

I'm asking a lot. I know I am. I guess I'm just going to have to keep testing and playing with the Novolog until I can get it right.

Pfft. Stupid diabetes.

As always, more to come...


CALpumper aka Crystal said...

Stupid 'betus. Grrr.

The constant in diabetes is.......change. Great.

Good luck! There is a happy medium. (if you find it, let us know) ;-)

k2 said...

Diabetes is never the same disease two days in a row-and just when you think you figured it out- and zags in a totally different direction!!
You still rock though- cause some things, "betes" or not, never change!
kelly k

Jonah said...

What I do when I want to eat when I'm high and I want to eat a lot: inject for the whole dealio, then wait an hour, so I'm already dropping fast when I eat. It's probably better at treating the high than if I didn't eat. Yay! You could deal with the 4 PM high by injecting at 3 to eat at 4, PROBABLY.