Thursday, August 27, 2009

Diabetes Shots

This is my exercise “bike” I have under my desk at work (those cords are for my computer). When I’m doing something online that doesn’t require full-on concentration, I try to ride my bike. I have to lower my chair a bit, so I doubt my fingers on the keyboard are ergonomically correct, but I can still type, so it’s all good. It came with a timer, and most days I try to do about two hours, randomly spaced throughout the workday. It’s not a full-on exercise bike, but it’s better than just sitting there!


CALpumper aka Crystal said...

That's pretty cool chica. ;-)

wv: aduckwe
I suggest a duck we take on the next ride.

(no, too weird? ok)

Karen said...

That is so cool!!!! I loved using the exercise bikes at the gym when we took our cruise. I keep thinking I'd love one, but we really don't have anyplace to put it. But something like that?? Yeah, that would work!!! I'm gonna go do some research now!

Sarah Jane said...

I want one

Scott K. Johnson said...

What a great way to get some activity in! Do you think I could do that while driving...? :-)