Friday, August 28, 2009

Calorie Shmalorie

I’ve given up my calorie-counting ways, or at least the documentation of them. For about two months I noted everything I ate, what I drank, how much I exercised. It was a good lesson in portion control and learning to look at a nutrition label for something other than carbohydrates.

However, I realized at some point it started to become a royal pain in the arse to keep dragging out my computer every time I wanted a snack. I also realized that I was focusing so much on numbers of fat grams, calories ate and calories burned, that I was starting to lose my grip on the other numbers, the ones on the meter.

I’m not good with numbers to begin with, so having two sets of numbers rule my life seemed like the beginning of a very bad idea.

I lost a few pounds, I can fit into a couple pairs of jeans that used to cut off my circulation from the waist down and I’ve gotten myself into a very nice exercise pattern. So now I’m just going to wing it. This little calorie song-and-dance number is over. Exit, stage left.

As always, more to come…


CALpumper aka Crystal said...

Stage left.
Been there.

What matters is you are doing what works for you. ;-)

wv: riked
I riked up those jeans and they fit!

Sara said...

Yes, it is terribly important to put information into our head and then move on and live life. I no longer track much of anything and still am able to stay remarkably in range. Truth be told, I never learned to count carbs, but almost always I seem to know how much insulin I need. Think it is just a function of getting used to looking at food, understanding where I am at that particular time and bolusing accordingly. I still test all the time, but the record keeping? For the most part I no longer feel the need. Experience I guess. good luck with those jeans.