Thursday, February 5, 2009

1, 2, 3, 4…

I’m playing a different sort of numbers game today…

17 the number of days it took Saturn of Glenview to fix my car (Saturn sucks!)

70 the route number of the city bus I took to get to work for 17 days

7 the approximate age of the girl on the bus who had a runny nose and kept wiping at it with her hand, then rubbing her hand EVERY WHERE

99.8 my fever this morning from the cold/flu I’ve managed to fight off all winter, until, well, see the three above

3 the number of “really great” doctors my gyno recommended for me to try (Saturn sucks, my gyno is fabulous)

5 is how many pounds I’ve lost so far this year—yay me!

6 requests are waiting for me on Facebook. I’m just not sure I want to get into the whole fairyland, blue cove thing…

2,312 the number of vacation days I’m ready to take right now. Somebody send me a plane ticket and a million dollars and I’m gone, baby, gone

2 is the number of requests I’ve made to St. Mary’s of Nazareth Hospital for my medical records from my DKA stay with them. I’m hoping this second time does the trick

1 day is all I have to left to endure before it’s Saturday and I can sleep in, watch Tivo, share my overstuffed chair with my dogs and eat popcorn (which, surprisingly, doesn’t have that big of an effect on my sugar—go figure)

As always, more to come…but NO MORE BUS!!!

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Gail said...

You are sooo lucky! Popcorn pushes me right up. :(