Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Just so all of you out there don't feel like this blog isn't the only thing that's gone by the wayside in past days, my overall general mentality has been that of major slacker.

I took forever to order my diabetes supplies online and am now rationing strips until the package arrives, hopefully by Thursday. (I did, however, manage to order two new pairs of shoes from Zappos...)

I haven't done anything even remotely related to the holidays. For Thanksgiving, we ordered Chinese. For Christmas, my house is as unfestive as May 12 (a random date for which there is no decoration). I usually love a great, big, tall, real tree with all the trimmings, but I just can't seem to muster up the energy or festiveness to climb into the attack and retrieve my ornaments or shop for the biggest tree I can find.

I haven't even finished my library book, and I've already renewed it once.

My house is cold and I refuse to turn up the heat, so my best option seems to be to cuddle up on my big chair with a pile of blankets on top and a dog laying over my feet.

I do have plans to motivate in the next week or so. I'm just looking for that big kick-off moment. Maybe when the new shoes arrive...

As always, more to come...

*Okay, how's this for a Freudian or subliminal slip. I typed "attack" instead of "attic." My attic scares me. I have to climb on a tall ladder and dangle momentarily until I can crawl inside. Did I mention I'm terrified of heights? Attack actually seems more appropriate than attic...

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k2 said...

Motivation is tough - your doing great. I wish we could order Chinese for Christmas and skip the whole family dramz thing!
Why not get one of those space age, George Jetson silver Christmas trees that already have the ornaments on them? I think they are so cool & very Space "Campy."
When the holidays are over - the whole kit and kaboodle goes right back in the box~

PS: I can't believe I wrote "the whole Kit and Kaboodle! What the hell is wrong with me? DAMN HOLIDAYS!