Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just A Short One

I know I tend to be long-winded and it takes forever to read my entries, so today I’m doing something short and sweet. I’m crazy, crazy, crazy busy at work—leaving later than I should—and crazy at home (hole in bathroom ceiling), so this is just going to be some random thoughts swirling through my head….

1. Read a lot of great info yesterday with Raise Your Voice. One blog that hit home was the cost of diabetes. I had no health insurance when I was diagnosed and couldn’t get it afterward. Had to refinance my house to pay for the hospital bill. Thank God the husband has health insurance through work. Number one reason to get married instead of just “coupling up” like Goldie and Kurt: Health Insurance.

2. Went to a Diabetes Expo. Got a free new meter—an upgrade of my current one. Unfortunately, they only give you about six new strips, which I’d be lucky to have last me the day. Gotta investigate the cost of the new strips for the Freestyle Lite. It uses one less battery, though, and those can be pricey…

3. Also at the Diabetes Expo—the SoloStar pen for Lantus insulin. Have been watching its advance to the U.S. (the old OptiClick sucked, to be frank) and am glad it’s here. I got a demo and it looks good—getting a prescription at my next doctor’s appointment at the beginning of May.

4. Observed at Diabetes Expo: People will wait in really long lines to win a bottle of water. ???

5. (And I have to make it five because it’s a nice, round number.) I’m starting to learn the blog lingo and I love that I can be considered a part of the Diabetic O.C. It’s like I’m a cool, hip TV show and thereby cooler and hipper by association.

As always, more to come…

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