Thursday, December 17, 2009

Diabetes Shots

Yes, with a gadget. I've been sort of anti-cell phone the last few years, having one only for emergencies. Then I started thinking maybe I'd like one that actually works. And I started having iPhone envy, gawking at strangers, demanding co-workers run me through a demo. And I bought one. And I can't put it down. My favorite health-related app? Rx Helper. It keeps track of all my prescriptions, the dosages, when the next refill is up, the pharmacy id numbers and all sorts of good info. It even keeps track of my dog Molly's medication and her syringe supply. It's pretty cool. I haven't found any diabetes-related apps that I really like yet, so if you've got one you think is the bee's knees, let me know.


phonelady said...

how awesome is that I ask you , lucky girl you . gotta love techno sometime.

D. Glomski said...

Let us know when you find something about the iPhone that is less than satisfactory to you. I've heard a few negative comments from other friends. I'm on the fence about diving into the iPhone world someday (it would make sense seeing that I'm Mac everything else) and I'd like to hear as many opinions as possible.

Keep up the good work.

Jonah said...

I miss your blog posts!

Would you be able to come to a meeting of type 1 diabetics on Wednesday? In the past people have brought their husbands.

Caitlyn said...

Track 3 is the best!! :)