Thursday, December 3, 2009

Diabetes Shots

This lovely lime-green box should be filled to the brim with syringes, but alas, I’m in need of a diabetic supply order. There are only two bags left, 20 syringes. While I do have the Lantus SoloStar pens, my preference is to use the Lantus vials and a good old-fashioned syringe. Don’t know why, just do. Also, syringes are good to have on hand in case a pen malfunctions. I can still stick a syringe in the pen and get out the goods.


Crystal said...

Love the box. Good color.
I don't miss syringes.

wv: boadery
I don't boadery very well.

(Wow. I've been sucking at these lately, sorry.)

phonelady said...

I do prefer the syringes because I cannot afford a pump and I dont think i would like it very much anyway and also would not like the pens either .

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