Thursday, October 15, 2009

Diabetes Shots

There was a campaign when I was little to get kids to read more. It was called Reading Is Fundamental, or RIF. I believe, if I’m not mixing up my Conjunction Functions, RIF was also a big red dog. This doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, since I’ve always been a big reader, even before the dog. I have a Chicago Public Library card, and I check out multiple books every couple of weeks. Reading doesn’t raise your blood sugar, which I like.


Crystal said...

Here's to books and reading. ;-)

wv: choper
Crap. It's a good one but I got nothin'.

phonelady said...

Oh my gosh another voracious reader such as myself and have you checked out my blog ? I do book reviews from time to time . we dont always have to talk about the ugly disease we share . What could be better in life than a good book , a library card and a good cup of tea ? all you readers out there know what I am talking about . Yes that is the key to life .thanks for sharing and happy reading to you .

k2 said...

I remember RIF- and like you I was a veracious reader as a child- I'd read several books at once!
Thanks for reminding me that I need to dust of my library card & check out some books.
kelly k

PS: My wv is colon- seriously.

pencilpusher said...

I an a type 2 diabetic, using pills and diet for control. My fasting blood sugar averages (BSA) 140-160 here where I live at 4000 foot elevation.

Last year I went on a week long auto trip to sea level Charleston S.C. found my BSA in the mid 90's, but went back to my regular BSA at home.

An auto trip last week to 1000 ft elevation again showed my BSA in the 90's.

I asked my doctor if elevation has anything to do with BSA and received a NO reply. Has anyone else ever experienced this ?

Gail said...

I love Paulo Coelho!!! I have not yet read The Winner Stands Alone tho. How was it?