Friday, July 17, 2009

What When Why Where How

Blogging by not blogging…

On the health front: Do I blog about the headache I woke up with and can’t get rid of? The skin tag I removed last night with nail clippers? The prescription refills I need to call in? The diabetic supplies I need to order?

On the home front: Do I blog about my pantry moths? My cloth moths? My silverfish? My need for an exterminator? How I wish I’d never torn apart my downstairs bathroom, which has been torn apart for two years?

On the dog front: Do I blog about how a stray gray cat taunted my dogs yesterday morning by sunning himself in our backyard despite their barking from every door and window in my house? About how I need to order Molly’s meds for her Addison’s? How they both desperately need to be furminated, and my whole house along with them?

On the work front: I’m not even going there.

On the Twitter front: Do I blog about what a time-suck, mind-suck, fun-filled activity this is? How I’m hoping the fascination goes away just like the Facebook fascination did?

On the let’s-pause-a-minute front: The sun is out in Chicago, steadily rising above the lake. Looking out my window, the water is sparkling like moveable glitter and there’s the lightest feather-wisp of a cloud stretched across the sky, a pale blue.

Wait. What was I talking about?

As always, more to come…


CALpumper said...

Silverfish. :::shivers:::
I Hate those things.

Hope you exterminate all things buggy soon!

Can we pause again? Pictures? :) Nice imagery.


Colleen said...

Ick - we came home from vacation once to find our kitchen totally taken over by flour weevils. What a mess!

Ordering meds - did that this week. New prescriptions needed so ordered new paper refills, filled out the insurance form, mailed it all in. It's a chore.

Snackrifices said...

you should drink more water.

that's my big brother's solution for everything.
headache? drink more water.
pest problem? drink more water.
morning sickness? drink more water.
bad credit or no credit at all? drink more water.

who knows? well it certainly couldn't hurt, right?