Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Full Tweet

It was the peer pressure. 14K diabetics saying “c’mon, it won’t hurt.” The test didn’t. The Tweet did, just a little.

Led by TuDiabetes, it was suggested that diabetics round the world unite in a single blood test at 4pm EST (that’s 3pm my time) and post their results. In addition to posting on TuDiabetes, you could also post on Twitter.

I believe I’ve mentioned before I’m a Twitter stalker. I follow what a lot of different people write, but I’ve never written anything myself.

But at 4pm EST (that’s 3pm my time), I caved. I wrote my blood sugar was 132. Then I wrote a second Twitter.

I’m in now. Full Tweet. I’m Chicagolora if you’re looking, although I’m not making any promises as to quality or quantity.

As always, more to come (here, and on Twitter, oh, and FB, too)…

*P.S. Very, very cool to see everyone’s Tweets on #14kpwd. I feel like I’m part of a gang! A very cool gang (kool gang?).


CALpumper said...

Kool Gang indeed!!

Welcome. It doesn't hurt. And you really don't have to Tweet often like insanely disturbed Twitters like me. ;-)

wv: barshos
Now get dem der barshos on and lets go round n round!

Colleen said...

Thanks, Lora.

k2 said...

Oh Honey-
You are a part of the D-gang now, because once you draw blood and then Tweet about it,your a member for life!
Kelly K

ninnifur said...

yay im glad you're tweeting!!

ps-im following you!!!

manny hernandez said...

You ARE part of a gang!! I am glad you participated in the 14KPWD event!

Did you join TuDiabetes?

Snackrifices said...

that was awesome, right? i thought it rocked! i'm always psyched to meet other diabetics, and 14kpwd gave me a ton more to follow! :)