Monday, April 20, 2009

Lora’s Novo Log: Day One

Star date: Friday, April 10. Visited new endocrinologist. Shared a wealth of information and she posed the intriguing questions: “Would you like to eat?” and “Would you like to eat more than cheese?” Like cheese. Like cheese a lot, but fear it is not enough to sustain me. Endo prescribed NovoLog. My first experience with fast-acting insulin. Plane due to depart hours after endo appointment. We consulted and agreed the NovoLog should start upon my return.

Star date: Sunday, April 19. Started the NovoLog. Tiny increments—one unit of insulin per carb unit for consumption. Reduced my current dose of Lantus from 45 units nightly to 30 units nightly. Can do “sliding scale” up to four times a day. Have not slid yet. Am feeling like newborn all over again. More numbers to add, more shots to give. Slight fear. Slight excitement. Will be good to eat when I’m hungry, and not have to wait until sugar drops to do so. Will be good to eat crackers with my cheese.

Okay. I’m not a Trekkie, but I feel like I’m on an adventure here. I like the new endo and like the fact that she just didn’t take my HbA1C for the number it was, and really looked at my day-to-day. She said she was amazed I had been able to live on my regimen for as long as I had, and it was definitely time I started to be able to eat again. Being on the Lantus alone was very restricting, and I feel like adding the NovoLog will help with that. It is all a bit scary, but I’m just taking it one day at a time and experimenting within the guidelines. Am. Being. Very. Careful.

I’ve asked my doctor a lot of questions, and I’m making a list as more come up, but if any of you out there have any advice, tips, tricks and suggestions that only PWD have, I’d appreciate anything you can offer up.

As always, more to come (more insulin…)…


k2 said...

I'm SO glad your starting on short acting insulin - your Doc is right, you need to eat!

Do you count carbs? I ask because I think that would really help.

Also, have you ever met with a CDE?
I think that would really help you figure the sliding scale/carb count thing out. CDE's REALLY help.

As far as tips, test and test often -that makes things easier.

Good Luck my friend, I know you can do it!

Lora said...

Kelly: Thanks for the advice. I do carb count and have been since dx, so I've definitely got that part down already. One thing conquered! I am testing more often on a regular basis--I'm so paranoid I'm going to bottom out, but so far, I'm still in the high range while I'm making my adjustments. I don't have a CDE at this point, but I will be making an appointment--me and husband need a lesson on how to give a glucagon shot. So much fun! I will say I did enjoy a whole, full-size pita for the first time in about three years yesterday--and didn't go above 115 after I ate it! Yay for food!

Gail said...

Lora - I'm so happy for you; and I know that you will do well! Keep up the good work.