Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Crazy Me, I'm Normal

Life has been crazy. Crazy at work. Crazy at home. Crazy in my mind. The only place I don't seem to be crazy, despite the stress and activity that accompany crazy, is in the numbers game.

I'm surprisingly normal. Even better than normal, actually.

I took my sugar the other night expecting to see a high number, and I got an 84. Every time I think I've pigged out beyond what I should possibly be eating, I wind up with a 119 or a 124 (outrageously good given my carb count for those moments).

The only idea I have is that maybe, in some freaky, f'd up way, my body thrives on chaos and crazy. Perhaps I should become more undone more often.

As always, more to come (just sporadically for the remainder of the crazy)...


Anonymous said...

I sure wish crazy affected me that way!! The slightest stress and the numbers shoot through the ceiling!

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Hope the crazy doesn't get too crazy ... I'm having my own crazy as well (crunch time for the semester). Which means eating more. Have not had the guts to check my sugar after noshing on way more than I should, but I ought to get on that. My new endocrinologist has different testing protocols for me too, so I'm adjusting to that. Lots of fun!

Glad your numbers are good.

Lora said...

Sherlock, I have to admit that my crazy doesn't always have a positive effect. I think my crazy is spilling into my numbers in that they should normally be off, but I'm not normal and they are, so they're technically crazy.

I think I'm technically crazy after that sentence. I need a vacation.

CT, the crazy is already beyond crazy and still coming, but I appreciate the fact that I'm not the only one in the insane zone. I haven't even had time to read your blog! Good luck on your new testing, and as soon as I get an official 10 minutes, I'm headed your way. Reading about Iowa reminds me of my college days...

k2 said...

Crazy is as crazy does!
Your testing during your most hectic momentsm that's HUGE.