Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Snack Outage

I always think I have food stashed everywhere. I have a box of Nutrigrain bars in my car. I have granola bars in my husband’s car. I have a supply of various foods in a basket next to my desk at work. I have juice boxes upstairs and downstairs at home. I have baggies of measured-out items in my work bag. I have glucose tabs in at least three different bags I use on the weekends. I have hard candy and tabs in my carry-on travel bag for when I go somewhere. I have it everywhere.

Or so I think. Because even though, technically, all this food should be there, when I need it and I go to reach for it, it isn’t there. The box of Nutrigrain bars is empty. I ate the stuff in my work bag and forgot to replace it. The juice box has expired at least a year ago. The glucose tabs container is still there; it just only has one tab left in it.

It seems that no matter how often I think I’m stashing, how much squirreling I think I’m doing, how many different places I can think to tuck a pack of peanut-butter crackers, I’m not really doing it. I think somewhere in my mind, I’m stuck on the fact that I only need to check and refill every few months, when in actuality, I need to check a bit more often than that.

I never used to carry a purse before I was diagnosed; I stuck money and my driver’s license in my pocket, shoe or bra and off I went. Then came the blood kit, and the PDA with all my important phone numbers and emergency contacts, and sometimes my insulin and a couple syringes. So I had to start carrying a purse, or a bag of some kind, to keep it all in. But while I’ve finally gotten used to doing that, I’ve only started to make a conscious effort to remember to throw in a bag of snacks every time I walk out the door. I really have to make an effort to remember, and I need to remember, because I’ve been caught off guard one too many times for my liking.

I’m going grocery shopping this weekend, and I’m making a special separate list of food items I need to buy, and where I intend to put them (because they do me no good when I have four boxes of Nutrigrain bars in my pantry and none in my car). I need to be better prepared, because there is no excuse ever to have a snack outage.

As always, more to come…

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Jess said...

Heck, I really like your blog so far. I'm reading through all the posts to catch up. And I just have to say, I know exactly what this is like. Something that caught me was the fact that you never carried a purse before. I was the same way, I've always been guilty of stuffing my pants till they'll fall off my butt.

But anyway, diabetes definitely changed my style a bit. I always have a bag with me now, I just can't shove juice in my pocket. Believe me, I have tried.

It amazes me though how much sugar I hoard now. I have two pops on my night stand, there's glucose tabs in the work truck, there's reclosable pop in my bag and always a few pieces of hard candy in my pocket.

Anyway, couldn't resist commenting. On to more posts!!