Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Number Post

Okay. So despite putting forth my best technical effort, I can't get my meter hooked up to my MAC to upload my numbers. The cable I bought is one part of a complicated patch I'm not prepared to deal with and my disappointment and aggravation caused a ripple I'm sure was felt 'round the universe.

I went old-school and last night I hand-wrote all the numbers stored in my meter, starting with yesterday afternoon and going back until October 30, where the memory ended. I wrote them down in a composition notebook with a pencil. Triple-checked each entry by number, date and time and made sure everything was written down correctly. Then I looked them over.

I don't remember waking up at 5:09 am on November 9 to a 58, but I must've drank some juice or something because I tested again at 5:38 and was starting to climb at 64. I was low all day: 62 at 8:55am, 76 at 1:34 pm.

I can't tell you much about 11/21, 11/27, 12/2, 12/14 or 12/26--all days I chose to only test once. I can, however, give you details on about two dozen other days where I tested more than five times.

Unfortunately my meter doesn't show what I ate or how much I exercised on any day and my personal memory certainly doesn't go beyond what I did yesterday, and even that's a bit sketchy. So the numbers are just numbers (except for the first one of the day, which I always do right when I wake up; no exercise or food involved). But they do paint an interesting picture.

I have an appointment with my very favorite, very nice gyno in the first week of February. He's in my new insurance network. I'm going to him armed with a list of doctors and endos also in the network and getting his honest and trustworthy opinion on who he recommends. I figured this is a better alternative than just picking a name out of a book that sounds interesting. I thought it would be nice when I finally do go see the new doctor (hopefully in February), if I could bring a numbers list to him/her so he/she could see where I'm at.

So until meter technology hits the MAC world, I'm going to keep recording in my composition book my numbers and maybe I'll even take some notes on exercise and food so I have a better log to present.

As always, more to come (more numbers, numbers, numbers)...

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Scott K. Johnson said...

I get frustrated how those numbers are given so much importance by so many medical professionals. Yet, just like you say, they mean so little without the surrounding circumstances!